We carry and install only tested HD CCTV security cameras for commercial and industrial applications.


Most of the older cameras are run on Coax cables and most contractors try to get clients to run new cables and new IP based cameras which can be up to 200% more expensive. We exclusively searched for a budget friendly HD coax camera that can work on existing wiring. We know have the largest HD coax camera collection in the north, saving you money on the cameras and the labour, this is the best solution if you already have and existing coax camera system and need an upgrade.

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IP Megapixel Cameras

Ip cameras are the new standard in camera systems. If you are looking to install new camera system, when you don’t have one existing, we have what you need, our cameras are high quality and high pixels, and IP rated for outdoor and security ratings. We have the a large collection of IP cameras for all applications.

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