Monitor North is run by a group of people dedicated to be a fair and honorable company, that pursues the simplification of everyday life and the betterment of society through innovation and implement of technology.

AmrikProject Manager
DanielSecurity Consultant

Character Testimonials

Amrik has helped me SOLIDIFY my thoughts and ideas to develop a thorough presentation to appropriately represent stories from elders and the youth. He also helped me develop technology skills and knowledge to help me prepare for my future ventures. Masi Cho

Ernie Lennie

Amrik helped me clarify my thoughts and helped me develop my communication strategy to ensure the clearest expression of my ideas and vision for my people. A great person to share thoughts/ideas/vision without judgment and provides real solid feedback.

Ernest Betsina, Yellowknives Dene First Nation

Daniel very consistent and SUPPORTIVE in his communications with us and always kept in touch to ensure the project was adapted appropriately for our needs. He was FOCUSED on ensuring we achieved the results we need for our organization.

Ean McDonald, Computers for School

Amrik has always been a strong sound board for me in my operations and business strategy, providing valuable insight in technological and business development arenas helping me feel strong in my business decisions. Masi Cho.

Michael Lafferty, Dene Electrical / Electric North

Trusted By Our Community

At out core, we strive to provide opportunities for the creative and material growth of all our team members. As such, we strive to treat all our vendors, installers, partners, employees, partners, shareholders, community and customers with fairness, dignity, and respect. This is a core part of why we are selective with the products we offer and the companies we represent to our northern community.