Fluorescent to LED Kits

Easy, reliable, efficient solution to reduce your electricity bill.

Before: 4 x 4' T8 TubeAfter: 1 x 4' 5000K Smart Kit

Smart Fluorescent to LED Conversion Kit

Converting fluorescent to a true LED system has never been easier. We’ve sourced a retrofit kit, which was developed by a Canadian based company with 25 years of proven light control experience. Installation of this kit provides the best energy savings in the market for traditional T8 or T12 LED fixtures :

up to 95% savings per fixture!

How does the kit save so much energy?

Auto On Technology

  • Occupancy / Vacancy Sensor
  • Daylight Harvesting
  • Each fixture reacts independently

Auto Dimming Technology

  • Fixture auto-dims based on motion and brightness
  • Customizable dual stage dimming 100% adjustable post-install
  • Time out off (optional)

Easy Installation

  • Installs in minutes (Up to 15 Minutes per standard T8 or T12 fixture)

  • Magnetically mounted driver, LED high density strip and motion sensor.

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